In the Autumn of 2018 I was in the best physical shape I’d ever been in, I’d lost around 4 stone from my heaviest, I was working 8 – 6 Monday to Friday and I’d just received a ballot place for the London Marathon, life was good.
I threw myself into a rigorous training plan and was incredibly excited to start upping the mileage! In November I started to feel more tired than normal, I put it down to stress and overdoing it at work and at the gym, I had some bloods taken and was told some levels were slightly off but nothing major. So I continued with my training, but it felt like running was getting harder, my times were getting slower, and just before Christmas I had quite a lot of pain in my ankle. After visiting the doctor again in the new year they prescribed rest.

January was spent with flu-like symptoms, random bruising, drinking beechams, and trying to just get on with everything. I still went for runs, I was still working and it was February 6th before I went to see my doctor again with an extremely high temperature and a flu that I couldn’t shake off.
He took one look at me and did my bloods there and then, prescribed me some antibiotics and said he thought it was glandular fever

At 6pm he rang to tell me there was a bed waiting for me at my local hospital, I had Leukaemia.
The warning signs were all there, lack of energy, joint pain, high temperature, bruising, but I just explained them all away, putting them down to stress and overdoing it.
I’m incredibly lucky that my Leukaemia was caught when it was, as I later learnt that I’d have been dead by the weekend without treatment.

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  1. Lyndsey cooksey says:

    Crikey. It was a good job you did go the doctors when you did. I hope you are as well as you can be, especially looking after yourself and your children during these times.

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