Once I arrived at the hospital I was sent to a private room with my Mum and Husband. They told me my blood counts were incredibly abnormal and they were 99% sure I had Leukaemia, but they were unsure on the type.
In my first 24 hours in hospital I had over 25 blood tests, an xray, an ultrasound, 3 bags of plasma, 6 bags of platelets, 1 bone marrow biopsy and my first dose of chemotherapy. They confirmed that it was Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia, know as APML for short. My consultant told me the chances of being diagnosed with APML are as rare as one in a million, to which I replied I wish it had been the lottery!

I wasn’t allowed to leave my room for an entire month. I was allowed 2 visitors at a time, and there was a spacer door between my room and the corridor, with a sink in where people had to wash their hands before coming in to see me.

Whilst in hospital I missed my sister’s 21st birthday, Valentines Day, and my youngest son Harry’s 3rd birthday.
I had regular visitors, my Mum and husband came most days, bringing the children as much as possible after school. But there were occasional periods where I was alone for the day, and it’s quite hard to occupy yourself when you’re confined to one room!

I got my husband to bring me my jigsaw board from home and regularly did those on my bed. I also had a TV set up that my Mum brought, and of course spent the majority of my time browsing the internet!
I was discharged after 3 weeks but it was unfortunately a failed discharge, I was readmitted in under 12 hours with facial swelling, the origin of which is still to this day unknown, and has been described by my consultants as a reactive lymph node, but we’re not sure what it was reacting to!
I was finally discharged from my month long stay on the 6th of March, the night before my 27th birthday.

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