When I was discharged from hospital on 6th March, my doctors told me that there was no evidence of any leukaemia cells being left in my blood. This was amazing news and indicated that the chemotherapy I received whilst in hospital had worked. So they performed another bone marrow biopsy test. This was because the blood from my bone marrow can be tested to a molecular level, the results from that would confirm if I was in molecular remission, meaning that there is no evidence of cancer at all.

25th March 2019

I was walking down a local high street at around 2pm on a Monday afternoon, I called at the market and bought some essentials, eggs, fruit and bread. I then went into a few clothes stores and browsed the seemingly endless rails of clothes, with nothing overly appealing to me so I left and headed to the butchers for a sausage roll for my lunch. As I walked through the door my phone rang, I wasn’t expecting any phone calls so it took me by surprise when I saw it was the hospital calling. I went outside to answer and it was my wonderful consultant, she had called to tell me that the results from my latest bone marrow biopsy were back, they were negative, the molecular results were clear, this meant that I was in remission.

I couldn’t quite believe it, this meant that the chemotherapy had definitely worked, that hopefully, despite a long road of treatment ahead, I was one step closer to the goal posts and I couldn’t have been happier about it. I celebrated by buying a can of fancy lemonade to go with my sausage roll! I called my family to tell them the good news and that evening we went out for a celebratory meal together, it’s a day will be etched into my memory forever, a day that I will never forget.

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