Cancer Costs

One of the things I didn’t expect when I was first diagnosed with cancer, was the amount of hidden costs involved. 18 months prior to my diagnosis we bought our ‘forever home’, a beautiful 4 bedroom detached house with a big mortgage to go with it! I was a self employed childminder, running a thriving business and my husband a HGV driver. When I was diagnosed I had to finish work that day, so my earnings plummeted to 0. Due to my husband’s income we weren’t entitled to much from Universal Credit, the amount we received was under £50 per month, a substantial drop from my usual income.

Parking and Petrol

Throughout my 6 months of treatment I had countless hospital stays where although I got my meals included, my husband who visited daily had to pay for petrol, parking and his meals whilst we were there, which soon added up! When I wasn’t an in patient at hospital I still had to visit the hospital, sometimes 5 days a week, for treatment, blood tests, out patient appointments, different clinics etc. The main hospital that I visited was a 30 mile round trip, so if I visited for 5 days a week that came to 150 miles, quite a lot of petrol and parking costs when you add it up!

Day To Day Living

One of the things I struggled with during treatment was fatigue, I couldn’t stand for long enough peel vegetables or prepare a meal properly. This meant that we ate a lot of convenience food and takeaways just purely because they were easier to prepare, but obviously they cost more in the long run. Due to being housebound for most of my treatment there was also an increase in our household bills, the heating was on more, along with the TV. Although this is not a necessary expenditure I also spent more on entertainment, I did a lot of jigsaws whilst in hospital, which I ordered online and they cost around £8 each, I also bought a couple of video games which were around £40 each, and also bought plenty of books and magazines. Entertaining yourself whilst in isolation can become very costly but without it you’ll end up insane!

Financial Help

I was incredibly lucky that a just giving page was set up for me by my friends and family whilst I was in hospital. We are eternally grateful to everyone that donated to it, there were a lot of fundraising days/nights organised too which I was unfortunately always too unwell to attend due to my treatment. They ranged from ladies nights with strippers to dog shows and 90s nights! The way the community seemed to pull together was incredible and we will be forever in debt to them. All of donations made helped us make ends meet for the 9 months I had off work and meant that the children didn’t have to miss out on any of their usual hobbies or school trips, and things could be kept as normal as possible for them.

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  1. Lucy Zelazowski says:

    What a wonderful community you have, so supportive.
    I bet you have a heavy heart for them.

    I never realised how much having cancer can cost you. So glad you hear you’ve made it through the otherwise. Lovely post, thank you

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