Cancer Freebies

To follow on from my hidden costs of cancer blog, there are also a few freebies that you’re able to get if you know where to look!
Government Support

As we were able to claim a small amount from universal credit, after 3 months of claiming I was able to claim for ‘limited capability for work related activity’ this is an additional £328.32 per month depending on your household income. As this is means tested not everyone will be entitled to it, and when my husband started a new job he got a pay rise which meant we were only entitled to a small amount of this figure. You may also be entitled to claim PIP, but good luck with that, despite being housebound for 6 months I scored 0 points across the board and never received a penny.
Diagnosis Specific

I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, meaning that I was entitled to help from Leukaemia UK, who gave me a one off grant. Leukaemia Care also gave me a one off grant towards travel costs. So depending on your type of cancer you may be entitled to financial help from cancer specific charities.
Willow Foundation

If you’re aged between 16 and 40 with a cancer diagnosis you are entitled to apply for a ‘special day’ from the Willow Foundation. From my ‘special day’ they sent me, my husband and our 2 young children for an overnight stay at Alton Towers, it was a wonderful break from hospital appointments and we had a fantastic time.
Something To Look Forward To

Anyone with a cancer diagnosis can apply for a main gift and up to to 3 additional gifts. For my main gift we were given a 4 night stay at a cottage in Devon, which was a much needed break after finishing treatment! I also had 2 additional gifts, tickets to the Battle of the Proms at Ragley Hall, and a pottery making class (taken whilst on my holiday in Devon).
Osborne Trust

The Osborne Trust is a fantastic charity which is for the children of parents with a cancer diagnosis. They sent my boys a teddy and colouring book each, and a family pass for Cannon Hall Farm. We were also given 3 tickets to Chester Zoo during the Summer holidays and tickets to see the lanterns there at Christmas.
Ellie’s Friends

Another gift site where you can apply for as many gifts on their website as you want, and you are entered into a raffle to win each prize. I was given tickets to go and see Aladdin in the West End. I’ve applied for many other gifts but unfortunately been unsuccessful.
Youth Cancer Trust

If you are under 30 you can apply for a holiday with the Youth Cancer Trust, it’s a week in Bournemouth with all meals and activities included, unfortunately I’ve been unable to go on one as the dates haven’t really worked for me, but I’ve heard they are fantastic!
Macmillan Cancer Support

They provided me with some financial advice, a free wig, subsidized headscarves (not that I wore them!) and a one off grant when I was first diagnosed.

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  1. Rachel Craig says:

    Thanks for sharing the information, as this could be of benefit to others. Illhealth can be difficult, it can have a huge impact on the individual , family, friends, etc. Health and wellbeing are important aspects of life. Quality of life matters for everyone.

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